Flying Cars? Not Exactly!

Greetings from Warsaw!  I have a nice, long layover between flights—six hours, to be exact!  So I bought some cards, grabbed a table, and wrote a few letters, including birthday greetings for my son.  As I sat there, a couple of airport police whizzed by on Segways.  They went to a door, opened it, and ducking their heads, went through.  I wondered if they had any idea how silly they look.  A few minutes later a couple of maintenance men also whizzed by on Segways and ducked through another door.

When I was a kid, we were sure that there would be flying cars by the year 2000.  Maybe we got that idea from watching The Jetsons on TV, but sitting there with Segways buzzing around me, suddenly I felt cheated.  The future was supposed to be so cool!  What happened?  I think that if we had known how lame the future would actually turn out to be, someone somewhere would have stubbed out his doobie and gotten to work inventing flying cars.  Am I saying that some pothead could have invented flying cars?  No way!  I think that the person who could have invented the flying car let his brain go up in smoke instead, so now we are living in that lame alternate future where the coolest transport we can manage is a Segway.  Bummer!

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