Am I a Circle or a Triangle?

Greetings from Poland!  Here’s a riddle for you: when the sign on one bathroom door is a circle and the other is a triangle, how do you know which one to choose?  I mean arguments could be made both ways.  I can imagine myself physically either way, and possibly more like a triangle if you take into account the pattern of pubic hair.  But a triangle could be considered the male aiming method of bladder relief.  Or the circle could be a target to be aimed at.  So, that’s no help, either.

To further confuse things, I saw both a little boy and his big sister coming out of the triangle door.  And I saw another girl coming out of the circle door, only to go into the triangle door.  I stood and waited for an adult to enter or exit a bathroom.  But time was not on my side.  Finally, I had to make a choice.  Being closer to the triangle, I went for it, and that’s when I found out: the triangle is male, and it was the urinal that told me. 

So, I don’t know what you are, but I’m a circle.

One thought on “Am I a Circle or a Triangle?

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