More Wonderful Words from the Lord

Say to them, This is what the Lord says: “When people fall down, do they not get up?  When someone turns away, do they not return?” (Jeremiah 8:4).

I read this today while praying for my 3 “bank accounts” (see Daddy’s Grands), that is, my 2 sons and my nephew.  Each of them made a decision for Jesus, but each of them has walked away from the Lord.  This fact does not worry me.  I pray for them daily, and I know from my own experience that the Lord really does leave the 99 and go looking for the lost sheep because He did that for me.  See Gotcha! and Gotcha! Part 2.  My re-conversion story should give hope to everyone else who, like me, has loved ones who have walked away from the Lord.  I know that because they are His and because I am His and because I am praying for them, He will bring them back into the Kingdom.  So today’s Word from the Lord gives further reassurance that they will return to Him.

So after getting this reassurance from the Lord, another verse was impressed upon me:  “Jeremiah 333” was what I understood.  So first I went to look at Jeremiah 3:33, but chapter 3 only has 25 verses.  So I looked at Jeremiah 33:3, which is God’s Word for me today: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

So pardon me if this is brief, but I’ve got a call to make!  God is good!

calling JesusI have His number on speed dial–it’s # 1!

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