In trying to process all the pain that I’ve gone through with recent events, I inadvertently hurt somebody I love. This was never my intention. I have removed all the offending posts and am taking a hiatus from both Facebook and my blog.
I messed up, I’m a jerk, and the devil used a good person (me) to hurt good people and to try and destroy our relationships.
But even if I, flawed as I am, can still be loved by God, then never forget what I always say: God is good!

4 thoughts on “Unposting

  1. Dear Alisa. Happy New Year to you, and I mean that, Happy New Year. Don’t be so hard on yourself Al, we all make mistakes and we offend others unintensionally too. I believe God wants to strengthen us, but he wants to strengthen others too. Put it behind you, once you’ve said sorry, move on, don’t allow this to distract you, else you’ll miss whatever God wants for you. Love you much xx


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