What do You Want From God?


That is a question Felicity asked me yesterday evening when she dropped by for a visit.  I didn’t have to take long at all on that one.  Here’s what I want:

  • I want all the gifts manifested in my life, family, and ministry (healings, raising the dead, creative miracles, all of it)
  • I want signs and wonders to follow me (and other believers, too!)
  • I want the world to see that we are truly different because our God is the one true God
  • I want for miracles in the lives of believers to be “business as usual”
  • I want the supernatural to be as normal for us as breathing

In other words, I don’t want much, I just want it all!  I want everything we’ve been promised in the Bible.  And what’s more, I expect all that.  Don’t hear arrogance in what I’m asking or in my expectation.  What sounds like arrogance is actually confidence.  I am standing on God’s Word, which is a very secure place to stand.

So why don’t we already have these things, given that it is all promised to us in God’s Word.  Well, I have a theory: it’s like how Jesus wasn’t able to do miracles in His hometown.  Did Jesus have the faith to do miracles?  Absolutely!  But practically no one there shared His faith.  I think that we are so infected by the negativity, pessimism, and unbelief of those around us (even by other Christians!), that healings and miracles have become a rarity among us.  So that even if we have the faith, ourselves, most of the people we live amongst do not.

What we need to do is to start infecting those around us with the opposite: positivity, optimism, and faith.  In these things, I want to be a one-woman plague, a “Faithoid Mary,” a “Blessoid Mary.”  And I want to set off others to be just as infectious in their neighborhoods.  We should be so contagious that when the devil sees us coming, he runs for his life.

So here’s my action plan: Felicity said that she is fasting.  I’m going to fast, too.  I’ve been invited to lunch tomorrow, so mine will be just for today and again on Friday (my usual fast day).  And in fasting and prayer, I will ask God for, well, everything!  The Bible says, “You do not have because you do not ask God,” (James 4:2b).  So I’m praying, fasting, asking, and I will receive!  God is good!

What do you want?

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