World Praise Day!


Today was World Praise Day, and in conjunction, I got an email encouraging everyone to participate by sponsoring a World Praise Concert in their own city.  Felicity was here with me when I got the email, so I printed out the flier and gave it to her.  Felicity is a worshiper, and soon to be a worship leader for a church in a town nearby.  She immediately made plans and came to Pearl House (also known as my apartment), the venue for our World Praise Concert.  However, the others who we had hoped would come all had other plans.  So we caught up on each other’s lives in the past month—including her news about being asked to be worship leader.

Then Max called.  He really wanted to get together with us, but he was on his way out of town.  He asked if we could meet him and Guy at Piazza Duomo in the very center of town.  We said yes, so we went downtown.  Being a holiday in Italy today (Italian Independence Day) and a beautiful day besides, there were lots of people in Piazza Duomo.  We found Max and Guy and had lunch with them.  Then Guy had to go to an appointment.  Max still had about half an hour and Felicity had her guitar with her, so we decided to have a praise concert right in Piazza Duomo, in the middle of the crowd.  We found some space at the top of the steps and right in front of the door to the cathedral.  As soon as Felicity pulled out her guitar, I saw someone take a picture.  Then we all concentrated on our praise, and it was a wonderful time.  A few times people came close to hear what we were singing.  We hadn’t brought equipment to amplify either the guitar or our voices.  This wasn’t something we were doing to get attention or money (Felicity has done some busking), but strictly for God.

When Max had to go, we returned to Pearl House.  But we were both exhausted.  So Felicity listened to some music and worked on some pictures she was drawing (prophetic art) and I went to my room to pray.  Worship in Piazza Duomo had been exhausting because it was spiritual warfare.

After about half an hour, we were both refreshed and ready to start again.  So we started to worship again and soon Giustinia called.  She wanted to come join us.  So with the addition of an Italian, we sang in both Italian and in English.  It was wonderful!  Then Sally came and joined in.  We worshiped for a total of three and a half hours with song, dance, and prophetic art.  What a wonderful day!  God is good!

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