Sunshine Bloggers!


After yesterday’s beautiful day of praise and worship (World Praise Day!), I got an email notice that another blogger, my dear friend, Milly at Destination Italy, had nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  I was both humbled and grateful for the recognition.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a lovely way to recognize and promote bloggers, and to help bloggers to get to know each other and get other bloggers to link to their website.  Through my blog with WordPress I’ve found so many good writers out there that too few people know.  This Award is a way to cheer on them and give them the recognition that they deserve.

The Award Requirements Are As Follow:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Name ten things about yourself that others might not know.
  3. Nominate ten other bloggers (be sure to show the Sunshine Award logo so they can use it too) and let them know that you nominated them.

So, thank you Milly!  It was a surprise and an honor to receive this award from you.  I was equally surprised to read that you’ve only been writing for a year (item number one in your ten things that others might not know).  At reading this, my respect for you went way up, though my love remains unchanged—being already enormous.

Here are ten things about me that others may not know (in no particular order):

  1. I used to hate the color pink.  The truth is that I’ve always loved the color.  I only rediscovered my love for the color pink when I was a teenager and found fluorescent pink paint.  I then proceeded to paint all my bedroom furniture pink.  Now I realize that it was never the color pink that I hated, it’s all washed-out, wimpy pastel colors that I hate.  I like vibrant colors—all of them, really.
  2. I wrote two novels.  Well, really, I only wrote three quarters of two novels.  I love telling a story, but fiction just doesn’t appeal for me like real life.  So I lost interest in both novels just when I was within sight of the ending.
  3. Despite the fact that I was a housewife and stay-at-home mother for 26 years, I am not a good housekeeper.
  4. I also lack the instinct for being a good hostess, although I am working hard at changing that, since I do host lots of visiting missionaries and pastors in my Milan apartment.
  5. I hate cooking, so I rarely do it.  Instead, I’ll usually fix a salad, heat up a soup, or open a can of tuna to put on crackers.
  6. Every day I think about, daydream about, and pray for two things: Revival (especially in Europe and America) and the Rapture.  But then, if you read my blog, you probably already guess this about me.
  7. I discovered one of the most wonderful things in the world recently: Israeli coffee.  It’s thick and sludgy, like Turkish coffee, but with a hint of chamomile.  Heavenly stuff!  I would drink it every day if I could get my hands on it.
  8. I love animals and children so much that walking down the street, I will usually recognize the dog before its owner, or the child before his or her parent.
  9. I never listen to music when I’m writing.  A creative writing teacher once suggested listening to music, and I found it so distracting that I quit writing that day and went for a walk instead.  What I do like to listen to while writing is water—the splashing of a fountain, the gurgle of a creek, the crash of waves—it’s God’s music.
  10.  Most people would never guess from my sunny disposition, optimistic outlook, and cheery nature that I went through two periods of suicidal depression—one lasting almost three years.  That all changed when I finally fully surrendered everything to God.  You can’t imagine what God will do for you when you finally let it all go.

And now, my nominees for the Sunshine Award, in no particular order:

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Linda at Journey in Process:

Annette at From Think to Ink:

Isaac and the various Rebekah’s at Being Rebekah:

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Joyce at O City of God Italy:

Joel at Prophetic Scroll:

Sheryl at Delight Thyself in the Lord:

Jeannie and Ron at Just a Seck:

Amy at Frugal Mama:

Check out these blogs!  God is good!

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