Saying Goodbye is Hard, so Hard!

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I lost a dear friend recently.  Everyone who knew him loved his goofy smile.  He made friends wherever he went.  I miss him daily.  He was there when I prayed.  He was there when I went to sleep.  He was there when I woke up.  He traveled everywhere with me.  He has his own album on my Facebook page.  Yes, I lost my little friend and traveling companion, Prayer Bear.

I flew into Newark last Wednesday, and got off the plane.  Prayer Bear stayed on the plane and flew off into the setting sun for parts unknown.  He was always ready for an adventure, but I never thought he would go off on his own like that.  Perhaps he has found another traveling companion, someone closer to his own age.

Wherever you are, Prayer Bear, I know you are lighting up the place with your sweet, goofy smile.  I’ll never forget you!

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