Twenty Kinds of Dreams

DSC03386Dreaming on the bus to Moldova from Transnistria

John Paul Jackson, an expert on dream interpretation, says that there are at least twenty different kinds of dreams.  Here they are:

  1. Healing Dreams – in which the dreamer receives physical, mental, or spiritual healing.  That is, healing of the body, soul, or spirit.
  2. Flushing Dreams – which are caused by some kind of close encounter with perverse people.  The dream is your spirit’s reaction to such an encounter, even if you weren’t aware of the encounter.
  3. Calling Dreams – in which your God-given calling is revealed or clarified.
  4. Warning Dreams – in which God warns you about a dangerous place or situation that you should avoid.
  5. False Dreams – planted into your mind by the enemy to confuse or to stop you.
  6. Body Dreams – caused by illness or pregnancy—babies in the womb dream at six months, and frequently the mother experiences the baby’s dream.
  7. Chemical Dreams –caused by drugs (even legal prescription drugs) or alcohol.
  8. Self Condition Dreams – in which God reveals problem areas in your life that must be dealt with.
  9. Courage Dreams – in which you find the courage to defy the status quo or go against “common wisdom.”
  10. Correction Dreams – which reveal the reality of your situation so that you can make corrections to your actions or your thinking.
  11. Directions Dreams – in which you receive instruction from God telling you something you must do.
  12. Intercession Dreams – in which you learn what or how you must pray for someone, some place, or some situation.
  13. Prophetic Revelation Dreams – which reveal something that is about to happen.
  14. Dark Dreams – dreams which are in grayscale or with muted color are second heaven dreams and reveal things that must be prayed against.
  15. Spiritual Warfare Dreams – dreams in black and white, which contain no color at all, reveal issues for spiritual warfare and you must command the forces of darkness to cease this activity or get out of this place.
  16. Fear Dreams – these dreams reveal fears that you must learn to overcome.  Whatever you fear, you empower, so fear God, and Him alone.  John Bevere says that fear of the Lord doesn’t mean to be afraid of Him.  It means to be terrified at the idea of being away from Him.
  17. Inventions – these are creative dreams in which you come up with any kind of creative idea: a story, a song, an invention, problem solution, etc.  God is infinitely creative, so don’t limit Him or yourself.
  18. Words of Knowledge – in which you receive instruction about how to solve a particular problem or dilemma.
  19. Deliverance Dreams – in which demons are cast out and real deliverance happens.
  20. Soul Dreams – in which your mind is the dreamer, speaking to you of your desires or thoughts.

I have been keeping a Dream Diary, in which I’ve been recording my dreams for about a year now.  I’ve had many, though not all, of these different kinds of dreams.  Many of my dreams are about the Rapture.

Everybody dreams, you just might not be remembering your dreams.  It takes some discipline, but if you keep a pen and paper near your bed, and make the decision to write your dreams as soon as you wake up, then you will train yourself to remember your dreams more and more.  It is important because God does communicate with us through dreams and visions.  It is said that dreams are written in disappearing ink.  That is so true.  Many times I’ve woken up, thinking: I’ll never forget such an amazing dream.  Only to find that half an hour later, I can’t remember very much of the dream, and an hour later it’s gone altogether.  If God is speaking to you through dreams, then shouldn’t you be paying attention?  God is good!

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