The View from the Summit

Christian political Europe

Greeting from Amsterdam!

I am here with Operation Capitals of Europe (OCE) as intercessors for the European Economic Summit, being held at the Dominion Centre.  The purpose of the summit is “to introduce new Biblical paradigms on finance and economy and to present transformational businesses as new models for poverty alleviation and sustainable solutions.”

One of the perks of praying for the summit is being invited to sit in on the evening session.  Last night the speaker was the head of the Power Group, a South African construction company.  He shared his story of rising to the top, only to discover that he was sacrificing time with his family on the way.  He became a Christian, and started the Unashamedly Ethical business community (you can like them on Facebook, too).  His talk was Combating Systemic Poverty and Corruption, which is the goal of Unashamedly Ethical.  They get businesses to work together toward the common good without sacrificing the bottom line.  And in doing so, they are preventing people from being trafficked and combating poverty by providing jobs.  I think that this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a truly possible solution to poverty.

Tonight’s speaker is a member of the chairing committee for the Global Think Tank on Business as Mission, (you can like them on Facebook).  He spoke on Transformational Business.

We have had the opportunity to meet some of the business people here.  A few of the business people have skipped some of the sessions and come to join us in the prayer room.  We gathered around them and prayed for them, since that’s what we are here for.

One surprise is that my friend, Bill, from Bulgaria is here.  Neither of us knew that the other would be here, so it was a mutual surprise.

If you are a Christian business person, I highly recommend checking those links and coming to the next summit.  You will not be disappointed.  God is good!

Dutch Salv Army

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