Housewife for God

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Today my apartment became a place to escape some of the terrible heat of this Milan summer.  On Monday I had taken some English language books and Bibles to donate to Expo on 4 Wheels.  Expo on 4 Wheels is a bus that has been re-purposed and made into a mobile church.  There is a sitting area, a library area, and a small kitchen area.

The Expo is expected to bring in approximately 20-22 million visitors from all over the world.  And since the common language of the Expo is English, there was a need for evangelistic materials, books, and Bibles in English.  So here’s my housewife part in God’s work: my bookshelves were overflowing with books, so I went through them and pulled out all the books that were duplicates, books I had read and didn’t intend to read again, and books that were donated that would probably do more good on the Expo bus than gathering dust in my apartment.

I took the books to the bus in a suitcase, helped by my friend, Nina.  As Daniele looked through the books, he got very excited.  He looked them over, stacking them neatly in piles: Bibles, books on prayer, books on church, etc.  While he sorted, I realized that the bus was a miserably hot place to be, and he had pledged to be there all day every weekday, with an extended lunch break during the hottest time of the day: 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.

I told Daniele that I live in the neighborhood, and that he was welcome to come take his lunch break at my house, which he did.  As I write this, he is resting in a bedroom.

Meanwhile, my house is also being used today as a place for a radio interview of Angelo Maugeri, who is in my living room right now being interviewed by my ministry partner, Allegra.  Angelo has the distinction of being the most commercially successful openly Christian musician on the Italian music scene.  Allegra is the host of Good Word Radio show, and since she’s back in Milan for a visit, she had set up this interview.  And how did she get the interview with Angelo?  By mentioning that she’s my ministry partner.  Angelo remembered me, and consented immediately.  I was surprised that he even remembered me.  We met very briefly something like five years ago.

Angelo and Ale

They had lunch at a pizza place nearby while Daniele was making himself lunch here.  Then they came and set up for the interview.  Allegra gave Angelo a list of the questions she would ask in Italian.  With him thus prepared, she interviewed him in English, and he answered in Italian, which she then translated.  The interview went very well, with each of them bursting out laughing from time to time.

Angelo selfie

Then Angelo played his new song: Un Nuovo Giorno (A New Day) for the Radio audience.  Allegra sang with him.  I was amazed again by the power behind the sweetness of Allegra’s voice, which was perfect for the song.  Then we took some pictures.  Including a picture of the two of them with my newest acquisition: a pink ukulele.

pink ukulele

I had seen ukuleles for sale in the book store, and I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t know that they would come in any color other than wood colored.  So when I opened the box and found that it was pink, I was delighted.  What could be better than a pink ukulele?  I got the ukulele just before Allegra came, and when she saw it, she was delighted, too.

Tonight a young fellow is coming to spend a couple of nights while he shares Jesus with Expo visitors.  Tomorrow night a girl who works with Daniele needs a bed for the night, and Daniele will be stopping by again for lunch and a rest.

I had received a prophecy back in 1976 (see The Prophecy Fulfilled at Last), saying that I would be an oasis for refreshing.  The other day, someone prophesied over Allegra, saying that she is a water-bringer.  It is amazing to see the ways that God is using us to refresh His people.

When I was a housewife, I did things like I’m doing now, but I felt unappreciated and invisible.  Now, I know that even the humble service that I offer is a big thing for God and for His people.  I know that I am loved and appreciated, and definitely not invisible any more.  God is good!

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