Summer in a Cast

15 July

I tripped and fell in the kitchen, and broke my wrist.  That was a week ago today.  But there were two friends here and they started praying immediately (while I was still on the floor!), and the initial swelling—which made my arm almost as big as my leg—went down instantly to just a knot near my thumb.  Likewise, the initial pain went from horrific to a dull ache.  When I still couldn’t use it the next morning, I knew it was probably broken, so I went to the emergency room.  Without their prayers, who knows how bad it might have been.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty miserable in near 100 degree humid heat with a cast on my arm and no air conditioning.  It doesn’t hurt now unless I use that hand at all.  I can wiggle my fingers, but the thumb is right by the break, so it hurts to move it.  I never appreciated how much I need both hands.  Even the simplest tasks have become difficult, if not impossible (typing one-handed, for example).  But I’m managing OK, learning to let others do for me, and resting as much as I can.  I’m so glad I didn’t break the right one!

My dad was a great example of laughing at yourself and your problems.  Laughter and gratitude are my two greatest tools.  I laugh at what I still think I can do one-handed—silly girl!  And I’m grateful for the people in my life who have helped me stay positive—like my precious daughter-in-law, who sent a picture of my grandchildren.  Thinking of the people in my life makes even the misery of a hot, heavy cast, the difficulties, the summer heat, and the residual pain fade into their proper place in the overall perspective of things.  My life is so good that I can’t complain.

Big love and blessings to you all!  No matter what you’re going through, never forget: God is good!

8 thoughts on “Summer in a Cast

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