More on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Cern 666

Part Two – The Rabbit Hole, Wormholes, and Other Crazy Stuff

If you’re reading this, then like Neo, the protagonist of the movie, The Matrix, you’ve taken the red pill.  Your mind is about to be blown, and your world view will never be the same.

You’ve been warned.

Jesus told us, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man,” (Matthew 24:37).  How was it in the days of Noah?  In the days of Noah, there were Nephilim, produced by the union of fallen angels and human women.  Angels, both good and fallen, have physical bodies and are immortal beings.  So when God punished the 200 watcher angels that impregnated human women (recounted in Genesis 6:4 and in greater detail in the extra-biblical book of Enoch), He imprisoned them in chambers underneath the earth, which the Bible identifies as Tartarus (2 Peter 2:4).  Enoch also reported that these rebellious angels taught warfare, weapon-making, and other things that were then unknown on earth.

God further punished the rebel angels by allowing their offspring (the Nephilim) to die.  Although not physically immortal, the Nephilim had immortal spirits, so when their bodies died, their spirits continued on and they became known as evil spirits or demons.  This may be the origin of ghost stories.  Having once had bodies, the demons long for a body to inhabit.  With great effort, demons can move objects, but the easy interactions with people and objects that we enjoy in our bodies are beyond them.  Instead, they try (often succeeding) to influence human behavior by speaking into their ears, inciting them to all sorts of evil acts that can open the door for them to enter the body of a human (either the one who they have influenced or their victim).

As these demons roamed about looking for bodies to inhabit, they goaded people into interbreeding with animals, producing satyrs, centaurs, and other so-called mythical beasts.  Skeletons have been found to support the assertion that the human hybrids of ancient mythology were more than mythical (see video).  Why?  Because the product of such a union would have a body, but not a soul, and therefore would be easily possessed by a demon.

Dr. Richard Seed, a Nobel Prize winner, announced in 1997 that he was going to clone a human being.  A clone, likewise would have a body, but no soul.  Now he says that he is going to become a god through transhumanist technology.  Furthermore, he says that he will “kill anyone who tries to stop [him] from becoming a god,” (see video).  The vehemence with which he speaks in that video leaves little doubt of the demonic influence behind his research.

Many people have seen UFO’s and aliens.  Some have had actual close encounters.  Usually, those encounters are against the person’s will (Stockholm Syndrome renders some people willing participants).  People have been abducted, probed, and almost always had genetic material removed (eggs from women and sperm from men).  I believe that this ties in with the demonically-inspired interbreeding.  Since these beings clearly have bodies, they are fallen angels (but none of the 200 that are imprisoned in Tartarus—those will remain imprisoned under the earth until released in Revelation 9:2).  They are probably trying to make bodies to be vessels for the demons.  Interestingly, former Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) abduction investigator, Joe Jordan, has discovered that a so-called alien abduction can be stopped one way and one way only: by speaking the Name of Jesus (see video).  If these were really extraterrestrial aliens, what impact would the Name of Jesus have on them?  They wouldn’t have any of the cultural associations that earth people have.  This is such clear evidence of the power of the Name of Jesus over the so-called aliens that it made a believer of Joe Jordan.  He had been an investigator for MUFON, and not a believer in Jesus until he started hearing that the Name of Jesus stops the attacks.

Meanwhile, scientists at the Cern Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland are doing some experiments that actually scare physicists like Stephen Hawking.  The LHC is a ring 27 kilometers in circumference in which protons (subatomic particles) are accelerated at close to the speed of light, producing (in their own words) “tens of millions of collisions every second” in an effort to recreate the first moments of the universe’s existence.  A stylized 666 can be discerned in Cern’s logo.  At the entrance of the facility is a large statue of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, dancing in a portal.  This seems appropriate, given that many scientists worry that their experiments could “unmake the universe.”

Among the subjects of their experiments are dark matter, antimatter, extra dimensions, gravitons, tiny black holes, heavy ions, quark-gluon plasma, cosmic particles, and the Higgs boson particle, sometimes called the “god particle.”  The Higgs boson particle experiments are what scare Stephen Hawking—and others.  Stephen Hawking is the world-renown physicist who famously said, “Science makes God unnecessary.”

There is an experiment at Cern called Alice—as in Alice in the Looking Glass—in which they accelerate ions in the LHC in an attempt to create a wormhole to another part of the universe or even into another dimension.

I believe that these experiments are being kept from doing any of the harm that Hawking and others fear for one reason: the presence of the Bride of Christ here on earth.  When the Lord Raptures us out of here is when:

All the stars in the sky will be dissolved and the heavens rolled up like a scroll; all the starry host will fall like withered leaves from the vine, like shriveled figs from the fig tree, (Isaiah 34:4, emphasis mine).  See also Revelation 6:14.

The context of this verse is judgment against the nations.  When “the heavens are rolled up like a scroll,” it will cause the angels (starry host) that fell from Heaven (God’s throne room in the Third Heaven[1]) to the second heaven (where satan is the prince of the power of the air[2]) to fall the rest of the way to earth.

Stars are often called angels, and it occurs to me that the stars may in fact be angels—bright, shining creatures.  They shine because of being in God’s presence.  The fallen angels are continually losing their brightness, becoming dimmer, smaller, and colder.  Could the asteroids that make up the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter be the fallen angels?  It seems possible, even likely.  That puts them far enough away to prevent them from invading earth again—until the Rapture, that is.  Then Cern’s experiments will “succeed” in tearing the fabric of time and space, and they will fall to earth

And since angels have bodies, they can do what demons can’t do: they will open the prison doors of Tartarus and let the 200 fallen angels (the fathers of the demons) out (see Revelation 9:1-6).  And there will be such mayhem, murder, anarchy, chaos, and suffering like has never been seen on earth.

Back to Nimrod, I’ve heard a theory that what Nimrod’s people were building was not a tower to escape a future flood nor to reach Heaven in any physical sense, (Genesis 11:1-6).  And think about it: if you thought you could escape a flood or physically reach Heaven, would you build a tower on a low plain?  No!  You would build it on a mountain top.  They built it there because it was in the place of a portal (or doorway) from the chambers beneath the earth where God had imprisoned the rebellious angels.  The angels couldn’t escape, but through the spirits of their children, the deceased Nephilim (demons), they instructed Nimrod and his people how to construct a particle accelerator like Cern.  This is the same sort of thing Enoch reported.  What they were actually building, in hopes of reaching Heaven was a dimensional portal—like Cern.  And God confused their languages because He said, “nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them,” (Genesis 11:6).  If it was just a height thing, why would God be concerned about that?  There are much taller buildings today.  I believe that God knew that they would tear open the fabric of space/time, bring the rest of the fallen angels to earth, and free the imprisoned angels.

Nimrod, himself, was probably a Nephilim, since giantism was a sign of being Nephilim[1].  The Septuagint (the earliest foreign language translation of the Old Testament) renders Genesis 10:8-9 like this: “[Nimrod] began to be a giant upon the earth.  He was a giant hunter before the Lord God,” (emphasis mine).  So Nimrod became a giant.  That second part could either mean that he was a giant that hunted or that he was a hunter of giants.  Either way, he had clearly become a giant, and what better way to become king over the people than to hunt and kill all the other giants?

The flood was supposed to rid the earth of the Nephilim, but Nimrod was clearly Nephilim.  I don’t believe that there was a second mass incursion like the first, but evidently there was some more interbreeding of angels with humans because many of the inhabitants of Canaan were giants (Goliath and his brothers, Og, King of Bashan, and others).  There are also skeletal remains of giants and archaeological evidence of giant activity.

I haven’t even touched on Operation Blue Beam, a giant hologram that can project a very realistic looking city in the clouds.  I also haven’t mentioned HAARP, the giant antenna that can be used to change the weather.  There’s some very strange stuff going on out there.

So as it was in the days of Noah: Nephilim, human-animal hybrids (and clones), and portals.  It’s all happening now.  Are you ready for the Rapture?  Get ready now by accepting Jesus as your Savior.  You’ll find out what many of us already know: God is good!

[1] Giant doesn’t just mean a really big fella.  Some of these guys were 30 and 36 feet tall.

[1] 2 Corinthians 12:2-4

[2] Ephesians 2:2

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