For the Love of God


Here we are at the end of September and none of the global economic or natural disasters that were supposed to happen have happened (see The Bright Morning Star).  Pastor Fabio asked me, “So what does this mean, since nothing has happened?”

I was meditating in prayer on exactly this question, and what I felt in my spirit is that God, in His immense mercy is giving people every chance to repent.  The longer He delays these things, the more people that might be saved.  And He will delay until the very last person who will be saved is saved.  Then we will be Raptured out of here and His righteous wrath will come.  There will still be some Christians left on the earth—those who weren’t watching for the Rapture—and they will become the super-evangelists of the Tribulation (see Tribulation Saints and the Harvest Cycle Illustration).  They will have some success in winning souls, only God knows how many.

Another idea that occurred to me is that if we have been aware of these warnings of judgment, someone else has, too.  (I’ve been calling him “the enemy,” but inspired by Sissy, I’ve started calling him, “the defeated.”  I like that name for him.  It reminds us of how the story ends, no matter how bad things look now.  It also reminds him of his future.)  So, the defeated has been aware of these things approaching, too.  But God will still catch him off-guard when He Raptures us away.  This is exactly what Jesus was alluding to when He said, “If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into,” (Matthew 24:43—which is all part of the End Times discourse).  (See also Luke 12:39.)  So delay is also part of God’s strategy to catch the defeated unawares.  But He warns us again and again to watch and be ready.

So, as one friend commented, “I guess we dodged a bullet.”  Yes, for now.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s not coming.  All it means is that God is merciful and there are still souls to win.  So let’s get out there and share God’s love with all those who will listen.  God is good!

3 thoughts on “For the Love of God

    • It doesn’t say in a direct way, but then the Bible also doesn’t say in a direct way that God is a Trinity, either. So when He spoke about the End Times, Jesus said again and again, “Watch!” And the parable of the ten virgins is about the Rapture of the Bride (it comes in the middle of His End Times discourse in Matthew 24 & 25). All ten are virgins–in other words, all ten are believers. But only the ones that are ready go in to the wedding feast.
      If you study about the Jewish wedding customs of Jesus’ day, the whole thing foreshadows the Rapture. For example, when the couple have made their wedding contract (katuba), the man says to his bride, “I go to prepare a place for you.”
      Then he returns to his father’s house and builds a room where the two of them will live. During that time, the bride prepares herself, together with her closest friends. Then she waits. For about a year or more, she waits for him. She has to be ready when he comes for her.
      When the father approves the room that his son has built, he says, “Now you may go get your bride.” (Only the father knows when that will be!)
      So the bridegroom gets his closest friends and goes to the bride’s house. The friends shout and make noise long before they actually get to her house so that she knows he’s coming for her. Then he takes her back to his father’s house and they go into the chamber to consummate the marriage, as their friends and family wait outside.
      They stay in the chamber for seven days. Then they come out and have the wedding party with all the guests.
      The tribulation is a seven year period (3 1/2 + 3 1/2). Seven days in the wedding chamber = seven years in Heaven. That’s why I believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. But even if I’m wrong, God’s not going to scold me for being ready for His coming and encouraging others to be ready. On the other hand, those who don’t believe the Rapture will be before the tribulation, might not keep that same state of readiness. And if they’re wrong, then they’ll have to go through the tribulation, when they will most likely die by being beheaded for their faith.
      Either way, I’m ready to die for my faith, but wouldn’t it be the best thing of all to be ready and to enjoy a seven year honeymoon with Jesus than be left in a world where the defeated enemy takes out his rage on the rest of the human race?
      Thank you as always for your comments! It’s always encouraging to get feedback.


      • God never scolds his children, extra especially for being ready! I’m not sure when we’ll be raptured, before during or after, but I’m ready! doing his work at every chance and showing his love to as many as will pay attention!

        God bless and keep looking up!

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