Bacini da Dio (Little Kisses from God)

tame starlings

Birdy Kisses

At Masada Nina and I found a shady spot to sit.  Immediately a pair of birds that looked like Starlings—male and female—perched right in front of us.  I had a piece of pita that Nina had given me from lunch.  I took it out of my purse and pulled off a small piece.  Both fluttered down and the male took it.  I dropped a piece for the female, too.  Suddenly we had an adoring throng of about twenty Starlings.

I began dropping the bread crumbs closer and closer to us, gaining their trust.  Finally, I tried holding out a piece in my fingers.  One bold bird approached and took it from my hand.  Others found the boldness, too, but not all of them.  One bird hopped closer, clearly wanting the bread, but fear won out.  It stood close, but not close enough to get the bread.  Using the least motion possible, I dropped the bread.  The timid bird hopped closer.  We stayed still as statues.  Soon it was a single hop away.  It looked at me, looked at the bread, and back at me.  For a long moment we stayed like that, neither bird nor humans moving.  Finally it did a quick hop-snatch-fly away.

Just then we heard Fabio calling us for the last cable car down the mountain.


Kiss it Better

While Nina and I were busy with our little friends, Michael was busy exploring the whole immense fortress of Masada.  At a certain point he realized that his foot was wet.  He looked down and saw that his big toe was covered in blood.  He remembered stubbing his toe, but hadn’t been aware that he had hurt himself.

Michael realized that he didn’t have a tissue, water, nothing to clean his foot and sandal with.  “¡O Señor!” (Oh, Lord!)  As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Michael looked to his right.  There stood an abandoned bottle of water.

Immediately, he knew Who had put it there for him.  As he told me about it later, he said, “I felt like my Heavenly Daddy was there to make my boo-boo all better.

Two days later, I asked him if he had told anyone else of the others about the bottle of water.  He hadn’t!  So I encouraged him to tell them, which he did.  If you’ve got a story like this that tells of God’s great love, you don’t keep it to yourself.

Dead Sea selfie

Shower of Kisses

At the Dead Sea Nina sat with our stuff while I took a quick swim.  As we entered the water, Fabio told us that we need to be careful not to get any in our eyes or mouth.  As a matter of fact, I got a little splash in the mouth and it tasted horrible.

Nina had not been present to hear his warning, and when I took my turn watching the stuff, I hadn’t remembered to tell her.  She got splashed in the eyes and couldn’t see.  Despite the horrible pain, she remembered that there were beach showers.  But she couldn’t see her way to them.  None of our group was anywhere near her and Nina only speaks Spanish and Italian, so she couldn’t even communicate with the people near her.  She set out in the general direction of the showers, but wasn’t sure that she could actually find them without help.

Nina prayed for help, and help immediately came in the form of an unknown woman who took her hand and led her to the shower.  Nina washed out her eyes and looked all around for her helper, but to no avail.

It’s likely that an angel had helped her because neither Nina nor the woman had said a word.  Often angels either don’t speak or don’t speak my language.  That’s fine with me.  They’re not here to chat with us.  True angels of God don’t want to take any of the glory that rightly belongs to Him.

So let’s give glory where it’s due: to God, who gave us these sweet little kisses here in the Holyland.  God is good!

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