So This is How the Other Half Lives


I have seen how the other half lives, and I have to say that I hated it.  I’m not talking about men, I’m talking about night owls.

What happened is this: I had a busy week, attending evening meetings and so forth.  I didn’t get to bed until after one in the morning.  Of course, instead of waking at my usual five – five-thirty, I woke at eight.  I had slept seven hours, which is a good night’s sleep for me.  I can get by with five, but six – seven is ideal.

Normally I wake up with my brain fully online, feeling good, and wanting, but not desperate for coffee.  I spend some quiet time with God, letting the morning dawn.  Then I read my Bible and spend time in prayer.  Sometimes I will write.  Thus my day starts, and by about seven-thirty – eight o’clock, I am ready for some breakfast.


I think that because it was not in time with my natural ten-to-five schedule, it was a struggle to wake up.  I was grouchy.  Suddenly, I understood how those night owls feel when they wake up so grouchy and desperately needing coffee before they can become verbal.

Honestly, it was so unpleasant that I have resolved to happily remain a morning person.  I don’t know how people can start their day suffering like that, and needing to jump into action: shower, breakfast, race off to work or school.  I like my slow approach to the day, and especially time with God first of all.  It starts the day right.  God is good!

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