Know God by Name – God My Righteousness


Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness! (Psalm 4:1, NKJV, emphasis mine).

Noah and Abraham are the first two people that the Bible calls righteous.  Righteous is defined as:

Characterized by uprightness or morality; having just cause for something.  Morally right or justifiable: as in righteous indignation at being falsely accused.  A virtuous, righteous and godly person.

And the Bible expands on Abraham’s righteousness:

For the Scriptures tell us, “Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith,” (Romans 4:3).

Believe God and it’s counted as righteousness.  It seems too easy.  But there’s a whole lot about the Christian faith that seems too easy.  God deliberately made these things easy.  Why do we feel like we have to complicate the simplicity of belief?  I think this is why we must come to Him like little children.  Children are masters of simplicity, and therefore belief comes easily to them.

The defeated enemy and the marketing hucksters of the world have taken advantage of many of us, so that we tend to suspect the things that are simple or that seem too good to be true.  In marketing, things that seem too good to be true almost always have a twist.  They usually wind up costing you more.

But in the Kingdom of God (which includes all issues of faith), those things that seem too good to be true are not only true, but often result in win-win situations with our fellow believers.  I have experienced this many times and in various situations.  I would even venture to say that the things that don’t immediately appear to be win-win can also be a gain in the long-run for the person who doesn’t appear to gain anything.  In fact, I believe this to be the case for the investments of time and money that I have made in supporting missionaries.  Even if I don’t appear to get anything out of it in certain cases, I know that someday I will share in their crown.  Don’t discount the Heavenly investment.

The people will declare, “The Lord is the source of all my righteousness and strength[1],” (Isaiah 45:24, emphasis mine).

I love this statement from Isaiah because it is clear that I don’t have to manufacture righteousness on my own.  As I yield to the Holy Spirit and obey God, His righteousness will flow through me.  Again, it’s the simplicity of belief.

If you’re feeling confused, take it to God.  He’s not a God of confusion.  He is a God of Simplicity.  He is God your Righteousness.  As you grow more mature as a Christian, His Righteousness will shine forth through you.  God is good!

[1] The context of this verse is the conversion of the Gentiles—future Christians (from Isaiah’s point of view).

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