Picking Flowers with God

17 April

I rarely report dreams on the internet.  I prefer writing about real life, and especially how God interacts with me.  However, this dream was about my blog, so it seems appropriate to report it here.

I was walking and talking with God.  I didn’t see Him, but I was aware of His physical presence beside me as I walked.  Plus, it was not a monologue, but a dialogue.  As we walked along I was picking exotic flowers of a stunning variety, and every color imaginable.

As I woke up I wondered about the dream because it was so beautiful.  It was like the Garden of Eden, though I don’t think I was naked.  I wish I could remember more of the dream, like what God said to me.  But as I thought about the dream upon waking, I realized that it was a dream about blogging.  My posts are exotic flowers of all sorts and colors.

It is always nice to get encouragement from friends and other readers, but this encouragement from God was real confirmation that writing is beautiful and also important Kingdom work.  How like God to give a gift that is both useful and beautiful.  God is good!

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