God’s Secrets


The harvest is great!

One day a couple of years ago, God said to me: “Jeremiah three, three, three.”  I knew it was a Bible verse, so I went to look it up.  First I went to Jeremiah chapter three, but there was no thirty-third verse.  So then I went to Jeremiah chapter thirty-three, to the third verse, and this is what it said:

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know, (Jeremiah 33:3, NIV).

So I responded by asking Him to tell me great and unsearchable things that I don’t know.  Little by little, He started revealing things about the Rapture and End Times events.  I have written most of that here in my blog, and later in my books (Graceful Flight, Holy Goosebumps, and Fingerprints of the Holy Spirit).

Those End Times revelations themselves lifted the veil and revealed Deception.  And I do mean Deception with a capital D.  I’m not just talking Illuminati celebrities, they are just tools.  This is a big, ancient, demonic Deception.  When I saw the footage from Bohemian Grove, I thought, Aha!  Now I’ve gotten to the bottom of the Deception.

I was wrong.  I was only just looking into the rabbit hole.  I still had no idea just how deep it went.  Then I learned about the Cern Large Hadron Collider, where there are scientists that are actually trying to open a portal to extra dimensions.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to understand that angels can easily enter and exit our world if they are extra-dimensional beings.  But remember that a third of the angels are evil, fallen angels.  The experiments at Cern actually scare physicist Stephen Hawking.  And they are far more sinister than even Dr. Hawking thinks: unraveling space and time like pulling on piece of yarn unravels a sweater.  What Cern is really up to is even scarier than opening a portal to allow fallen angels and demons to enter and freely roam the earth.

I realized that the lack of evidence for the Theory of Evolution in the face of an abundance of evidence for Creation (and other Biblical accounts), makes modern science the Humanist Religion.  It takes a whole lot more faith to believe in something so completely unproven and unprovable than it does to simply believe God and the Bible.  And not only that, but they have worked very hard to cover up certain artifacts, like the skeletal remains of the nephilim—giants.  Plus, back to Cern, the facility has the Hindu god of destruction dancing in a portal right at their front door.  Why?  And there is video of the scientists at Cern doing a dance of destruction.  Why?  The logo for Cern is a stylized 666.  Why?  And on June first of this year there was a bizarre ceremony for the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland (near Cern) that is clearly satanic.  Why?  Because all these things are not science, they are religion—Secular Humanist Satanic Science Religion.  And it’s not that God’s existence can’t be proven.  Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku has announced that God’s existence can be proven scientifically.

But the rabbit hole goes much deeper than that.  Deeper and darker.  To be honest, the rabbit hole went to places that I didn’t want to go.  In the depths of the rabbit hole, I learned things that I was happier not knowing.  The rabbit hole took me down into the Conspiracy Zone.  And the Conspiracy Zone is far bigger than you could ever have imagined.

The crazy thing about the Conspiracy Zone is not the size of the conspiracies (which really all just dovetail into the one big global conspiracy), but the audacity with which it’s all flaunted carelessly right under our noses.  If you look at certain items in the news, it won’t take very long to realize that you’ve seen this all before in music, movies, and television shows (yes, this goes back to Illuminati celebrities, some of whom were probably sacrificed).

So I faced a dilemma, as I wrote this.  I wrestled with the question: Now, do I go ahead and name the conspiracies?  Honestly, this is the third time I’ve tried to write this particular post.  What do I write about the things I’ve learned?  Should I write about them at all?

If I do, I risk every single one of you howling that I’m a conspiracy nut, backing away, warning all of your friends, and BOOM! with one little blog post, I’m marginalized and labeled as crazy for life.  To be honest, I think that some people in my life have already put me in this particular corner simply because of my Christian faith—and that is fine with me because I don’t mind being crazy for Jesus.  These people are cautiously polite to me, and carefully strain everything I say through the sieve of insanity, lest they become infected, themselves.  Needless to say, because of this my every word and every action is so grossly misunderstood that the relationships seem beyond all hope.  (Happily, I believe in miracles!)

But if I mention all the things that I have learned to be true[1], then I risk everyone else (friends, family, fellow church members) thinking that I’m a crazy conspiracy nut.

On the other hand, if I don’t name the conspiracies, if I just leave you here, then you remain just as contentedly deceived as ever—a pawn of the powers that be, parroting the lies they’ve taught you to believe.  You would remain deceived and ignorant of the fact, and I don’t lose the integrity of my good name.  But how do I live with myself?  Wouldn’t I want to know?  I did.  Painful as it is, I do want to know.

What oh what to do?  Together with King Solomon, I lamented:

I learned firsthand that pursuing [wisdom and knowledge] is like chasing the wind.  The greater my wisdom, the greater my grief.  To increase knowledge only increases sorrow, (Ecclesiastes 1:17-18, emphasis mine).

Then as I investigated things, going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, finding things that defy belief and even changed reality as I knew it, I took it all back to God.  I said: “Lord, what am I to do with this information?  What should I believe?”  Immediately came the calming assurance of His Holy Spirit, speaking to my heart: “Don’t let all of this distract you.”

Indeed, the Sovereign Lord never does anything until He reveals His plans to His servants the prophets, (Amos 3:7).

And I realized that I could end up getting literally sucked into these things.  I have already wasted whole days investigating things so bizarre and unbelievable and shocking that even while convinced that they are true, I could hardly function under the weight of all this new and reality-changing information.  But the thing that’s truer than anything else is the reality of how much bigger God is.  The defeated enemy has come in with great deception, just as Jesus warned[2].  This is not a future event, but a present and ever-growing reality.  And the deception is indeed so great that even the very elect could be fooled.  Perhaps some of us do fall for the deception temporarily.  But the greater, overarching truth is that we must get out there and share Jesus with everyone God puts into our path.  We no longer have the luxury of time.

You may learn about these secret things, too.  And they may shake you for a while, as they did me.  But don’t let them distract you.  Keep the main thing the main thing: share Jesus.  The Lord revealed something else to me: He said that this is the season[3] of acceleration, as in:

“The days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes.  New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills,” (Amos 9:13, NIV).

These are those days!  They have come.  What this means is that we will no longer plant seed and wait decades to see the harvest.  Now we will harvest as we plant.  The seed (God’s Word) will immediately bear fruit.  God is good!  Tell everyone you know!  This is no secret: God is good!

[1] Or extremely plausible when considered with an open mind.

[2] Matthew 24:4-5, 11, 24; Mark 13:5-6 & 22.

[3] Not summer, but a period of time.

3 thoughts on “God’s Secrets

  1. Thank you for the courage to write this post. I’m aware of CERN also. The clincher is the “dance” of the Hindu god. As you noted, the CERN “project” goes far beyond science opening the door to the demonic realm. I am thankful that there is a “Goshen” for those who trust in the LORD. May God continue to bless you in your mission work, which includes your excellent, informative blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Sheryl! I appreciate your encouragement more than you’ll ever know. Did you read my following post, The Mandela Effect? That was the one that really took courage to write. There’s some crazy stuff going on, and the Deception is far bigger than we ever imagined.
      Thanks again & blessings to you and your ministry!


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