A Miraculous Love Letter from God


I just had the strangest miracle happen.  Appropriately for a missionary supporter, the miracle was not for me, but for one of the missionaries that frequently visits my house.

Here’s what happened: the day before yesterday I finished reading An Appeal to Heaven by Dutch Sheets.  It is a very thin, but amazing little book.  God used this book to teach me something incredible about prayer.  Two years ago God taught me about extradimensional prayer (see Vision and Extradimensional Prayer).  Through this book God taught me about synergistic prayer—that is, joining my prayers today in agreement with those of the saints who prayed before me.  As God told Dutch: the person may be dead, but their prayers are not dead.

So, having just finished the book, and given that it is a very thin little book, I know that there was not an envelope in the book when I was reading it.  I would have noticed.  This morning I had a meeting with Julia to strategize about a prayer walk that we are planning.  I told her about the book and gave it to her to read.  As she leafed through the book, I saw a fat envelope in the pages of the book.  I pulled it out and looked at it.  It says Per Giuseppe (for Giuseppe), but written like this:

IMG_20160902_082614 (2)

Giuseppe is one of the leaders of the Missione REM organization that has decommissioned city buses.  They made the buses into mobile churches and use them for sharing Jesus out on the streets all over Italy.  When he’s in Milan, Giuseppe stays with me.  He’s an ex-druggie who is now completely addicted to Jesus.

Inside the envelope is €100.  But where did it come from?  The writing on the envelope is definitely Italian, but not familiar[1].  The only people to enter the house since I finished reading the book are:

Beatrice and her teenaged daughter.  They don’t know Giuseppe at all and they don’t have €100.

Sebastian who has stayed with me a few times.  He also doesn’t know Giuseppe and he doesn’t have €100 to spare.

My son, Tim knows Giuseppe, but he doesn’t have €100.  Plus, the handwriting is not his.

Nina, my best friend and housekeeper.  She knows Giuseppe, but she doesn’t have €100.

Julia is the only one besides me who I’ve seen handle the book.  But Julia doesn’t know Giuseppe and doesn’t have €100 to spare.

Nobody else has been in the house since I finished reading that book.  So where did the envelope and money come from?  My only answer: Giuseppe’s Heavenly Father.

Praise God for this mysterious miracle!  And praise God for Giuseppe, who is 100% radically saved and sold out to Jesus!

Even though the money is for Giuseppe, I am thrilled because encouraging missionaries is what I do.  When I notified him about the envelope, Giuseppe kept saying: “Astounding!”  This has really encouraged him.  God used me to encourage Giuseppe and in the process, I looked and felt like a hero, even though in reality, I’m just God’s messenger girl.

Finally, this love letter from God to Giuseppe gave me the last chapter for this year’s book, entitled Love Letters to God.  God always delivers a great closer, and Wow!  This one’s a doozy!  God is good!

[1] The writing in the picture is mine because I changed Giuseppe’s real name.

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