A Halloween Story

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Once upon a time there was a woman.  Her husband was very kind and tender to her, and she loved him very much.  One day an invitation came in the mail:

You are invited to a costume party, 8:00PM, Monday, October 31, 2016.

The invitation was sent by the brother of the woman’s ex-boyfriend.  She had seen them around town, but they hadn’t spoken since her marriage.  To be honest, she was flattered that he would invite her.  She also thought it could be a chance for her ex to see how happy she is with her husband.

She showed the invitation to her husband.  He read it and gave it back to her without a word.

“Well?” she said, “Do you want to go?”

He just looked at her for a moment, measuring his words.  “You would probably see your ex-boyfriend there.  Do you remember how cruelly he treated you?”

She laughed it off, “Forgive and forget, right?  Besides, I want him to see how happy we are together.”

“And what about the party we were planning?”

“It won’t conflict.  We were planning our party for next Saturday,” she said, ignoring the sadness in the eyes of her beloved husband. . . .

I believe that this is what it’s like when Christians celebrate halloween.  It seems harmless enough, but why on earth would we celebrate a holiday of God’s enemy?  To celebrate even a “harvest festival” or “trunk or treat” is still celebrating the defeated enemy’s holiday.

Halloween didn’t start as a Christian thing (All Hallow’s Eve) as many people think.  It started as samhain, a pagan festival celebrating the day the dead walked the earth each year.  And all the halloween traditions (costumes, jack-o-lanterns, asking for candy (or money), bobbing for apples) all have their roots in samhain.  As it did with many other pagan holidays, the Catholic Church embraced this pagan holiday and “Christianized” it.  And they did it while ignoring God’s fall feast days: Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles).

In declaring myself against the celebration of halloween, I really stirred up a hornet’s nest—among Christians.  Not one single non-Christian friend had a word to say about my stance against halloween.  And I didn’t say that they couldn’t celebrate halloween, I just asked the question: why would a Christian celebrate this pagan festival?  The response surprised me.  Some explained that they celebrate it in a Christian way (non-scary or even Bible character costumes).  Others merely asserted their freedom to celebrate halloween because they have no intention to worship the devil in their celebrations.

Whatever the reasoning and justification, I remain convinced:

  1. It doesn’t honor God,
  2. It could give the defeated enemy a foothold in my life (he’s very opportunistic), and
  3. It risks offending God.

All that adds up to good reasons for Christians not to celebrate halloween.  For more about halloween and reasons not to celebrate it, see: Why Christians Absolutely should not Celebrate Halloween.  God is good!

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