My Answer is Coming—Now What do I Do?


The necklace design is called One New Man.  It’s Christians (at the bottom) grafted into the Jews (at the top) by Israel (in the center).  Such is the kinship I feel with God’s Chosen People.

8 September 2016

Today I bought tickets for my trip to Israel—starting with a ten day stay in a tent at Timna Park for Sukkot.  I waited longer than I had intended to because I had the audacious idea to stay in Israel for over six weeks.  The idea scared and thrilled me, but mostly scared me into paralysis.  So today I overcame that paralysis and made the leap of faith: six weeks in Israel.

This morning as I was praying, I suddenly realized that my daily prayer: “Please send more missionaries to this mission field (Europe),” is about to be answered in a personal way.  My home church is sending a team of missionaries here to collaborate with me in ministry.

This is powerfully encouraging for me, personally, because it is the first time since I started in ministry (six years ago) that anybody has come to collaborate in my ministry.

Now comes the problem: what will we do while they are here?  Since no two days are alike for me, I have no idea what this collaboration will look like.  I have a couple of weeks to figure this out, and I know that God will prepare divine appointments for us.

I know that God is also answering this prayer for more missionaries throughout Europe in ways that I don’t yet know about.  And I may not know about many of them until I reach Heaven.  I feel powerful hope for Europe and encouragement for myself.  God is good!

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