Timing too Perfect to Ignore


14 September 2016

Today I signed up for a prayer conference in Cyprus.  Someone recently told me about it, but I don’t remember who.  The conference falls exactly within the period of time that I have nothing planned while I’m in Israel.

I also was prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin a Jericho march around the house that He showed me the day that He whispered into my ear.  I was just waking up and I could practically feel His breath on my ear.  He whispered: “Isaiah 5:9.”

I had no idea what Isaiah 5:9 said, so I got out of bed and went straight to my Bible.

In my hearing the Lord of hosts said, “Truly, many houses shall be desolate, Great and beautiful ones, without inhabitant[1].

That very day I learned that the house that had been occupied by anarchist squatters was going to be sold at auction.  In fact, they didn’t sell just that one house, but 6 or 8 houses comprising much of the block.  All the houses were to be sold as a unit.  The first time there were no takers at the auction, and the houses were withdrawn.  The second time there also were no takers.  Then the third time, the houses were sold.  But they had stood, empty and abandoned in the two years following the sale.

Meanwhile I had seen a squatter hop over the wall of the back yard right in front of me one morning, startling me.  He went to wash himself in the fountain of the park across the street.

I had told a couple of ministries about the house, but they gave up on it after looking into it briefly.  It wasn’t until this morning that the Holy Spirit pointed out that it was my ear that He had whispered into, and not theirs.  So with renewed belief that God intends to give me the key to this house[2], I started the Jericho march: seven times around the block for seven days.

As I walked I prayed for the owner’s salvation.  In the course of the march, I noticed that there were three copies of a poster on the house advertising a fund-raising party for the anarchist group.  The party is dated three days from today: on Friday, and another on Saturday.

The timing of this Jericho march is clearly no accident.  When I finished the march I crossed the street and walked to the park across from the house.  From there I re-crossed the street and took one of the posters off the wall.  I took it home to read it more carefully than I could while keeping a steady pace walking.

After reading the poster, I tore it up and threw it away, praying for the anarchist fundraiser to be such a monumental failure that it would actually cost them more that it brings in.  I also prayed for the salvation of the anarchists.

Lord, show me how to take hold of this house by faith so that I can receive it in reality.  Amen!  God is good!

[1] NKJV, emphasis mine.

[2] Or houses.

2 thoughts on “Timing too Perfect to Ignore

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