Boring Business that Must be Done

fishing gun

A gun was hanging by a fishing line from the balcony of the house

15 September 2016

Jericho marching, seven laps for seven days, is boring stuff.  Around and around the same old block.  But then God reminded me that the reason He whispered into my ear about this house is because I don’t stop and I don’t give up.  And just when I think I’m about to go out of my mind from boredom, three men came walking toward me.  I didn’t like the look of them.  It was pre-dawn, and there’s practically nobody on the streets.

Yesterday I had been startled by bats and birds that suddenly flew at me on lap five of the march.  And now these characters.  They had been walking abreast, and made an opening for me as they approached.  But I’ve got the promise of invisibility from anyone that would do be physical harm (see The Retroactive Power of Invisibility), so I knew that if they can see me, then they will not harm me.  One of them greeted me: “Buongiorno,” with a touch of menace in his voice that said nothing at all good about the morning.  I responded only with a curt nod of my head.  I do not speak to anyone besides God during a Jericho march.

Later I wondered if these three had been human or spirits.  Either way, the defeated enemy had sent them to scare me away from finishing the march.  It didn’t work.

As I had done yesterday, when the march was finished I crossed the street, went to the park, and re-crossed the street to remove the second of three posters about the fundraiser.  I crossed again and tore the poster in half, wadding it up and leaving half in the trash at the park and the other half in a trash on the corner of my street.  As I did so, I prayed that the anarchist group would be as divided as the poster, and the fundraiser a flop.

Today I also began the boring process of formatting a year’s worth of blog posts so that I can publish them as a book.  It’s a lot of very detailed work, but the hardest part by far is simply getting started.  I won’t bore you with the details of formatting.  I usually listen to some Newsboys or Audio Adrenaline, and that helps me get through the next couple of days of formatting.

Boring or difficult, sometimes scary, I do stick with the job until it’s finished.  Two days down, five to go.  God is good!

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