Blessing the Block

The house on the day the anarchists were evicted and the gun they had dangling from a fishing pole just days before the eviction

19 September 2016

Today the Lord had me bless the block: the residents, the businesses, the new owners of the block of houses, and to pray for the salvation of each person and all their family members.  This was a very pleasant and easy task, and I sang aloud (aloud, but not loud).  Even when a woman peered out of her door, I continued to sing.

[And today as I am writing this post (months later), I discovered a story in the news last week about the anarchist group (it is in Italian, however): Anarchist Group.  Since the first time they were evicted from the house (in September 2014, see The Neighborhood Anarchists), they had never completely left the property.]

Tomorrow is the last day of the Jericho March.  Who knows what God has in store?  But since that predawn encounter with the evil spirit (fallen angel, whatever it was, see Boring Business?), things have been so much easier, lighter, freer.

Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to Him.  You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours, (Psalm 128:1-2, NIV, emphasis mine).

Yes, I am blessed indeed!  Hallelujah!  God is good!

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