The Last Round is on the House!


20 September 2016

Today I woke up early and my digital clock said: 3:33.  I prayed and fell asleep again.  I woke again, a bit later than usual, and the clock said 5:55.  So I got started about half an hour later than usual.  Today’s march seemed lighter in every way: literally more light, being at dawn, rather than before, and therefore less scary, but also less heavy, less feeling of opposition, less vulnerable feeling because there were more people out, and in my heart, more joy because the job is done.

As I left home this morning, the Lord had me re-read the key verse for this house:

In my hearing the Lord of hosts said, “Truly, many houses shall be desolate, Great and beautiful ones, without inhabitant, (Isaiah 5:9 NKJV).

As is my habit on most days, I grabbed a few io-ti[1] cards to leave in strategic places.  I hadn’t been taking the cards before this for this particular task, knowing that I would be returning home before going anywhere else.  Prayer walking has a different focus from evangelistic walking.

When I finished the march, I went to the little park across the street from the house.  There, facing the house, I read the verse aloud and then crossed the street to place the io-ti card on the porch at the spot where the evil spirit had peed—trying to frighten me (see Boring Business?).  The card I placed there was Io ti conosco—I know you.

Then like Miriam after crossing the Red Sea, an original song came bubbling up out of my spirit.  It went:

The march is done

The race is run

Victory’s sure

The battle’s won.

Praise God!!!

OK, I know I’m no Steven Curtis Chapman, but it was full of spontaneous joy and I sang it over and over again.

And now?  Well, the missions team from my home church in Asheville will be here in a week.  There is plenty to do to get ready for them.  I hadn’t thought about it seven days ago when I started all this, but it’s seven days now until they arrive.  Nice prophetic symmetry.  God is good!

[1] We call these io-ti cards because they all start with the words Io ti . . . and they’re signed God.  The cards have various phrases: Io ti perdono, I forgive you.  Io ti capisco, I understand you.  Io ti conosco, I know you.  Io ti amo, I love you.  Io ti ascolto, I am listening to you.  Io ti cerco, I am looking for you.  On the back is an explanation of how God really loves the reader, and is interested in his or her life.  There is also a website where the person can explore further.

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