Living a Rapture Dream

IMG_20161005_144315 (1).jpg

The “lake” of clouds below.  Can you see the sun’s rays at the top right?

5 October 2016

After the missions team returned to Asheville, I went to Switzerland.  I had been invited to an organization that does what I do: encourage missionaries in the field.  This is my second event of this kind.  I had found it incredibly helpful for my ministry, as well as personally very encouraging.  Even encouragers need encouraging—you can’t serve water from an empty well.

I arrived yesterday to find that I had been assigned a room to myself.  At supper I sat with the founders of the organization.  The hotel and all the meals were paid for us.  After supper I saw several missionary friends from all over Italy.  It was like a little Italy reunion.  We had a lovely time of worship and then were sent to bed.  I slept eight hours, rather than my usual six.

Today is my 61st birthday.  After a group photo, a bunch of us rode the cable cars to the top of the mountain.  One man said that he didn’t want to waste a day on the mountain top with it being cloudy like this.  But he missed out because halfway up we broke through the clouds into beautiful, warm sunshine.

At the mountain top the view was stunning.  The clouds far below us were all at the same level so that they looked like a high mountain lake.  That’s when I realized that if this had been a dream, it would be a Rapture scenario.  But it wasn’t a dream, I was living a Rapture scenario!  Every year God gives me a special gift for my birthday.  This one literally topped them all.  God is good!

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