Desert Foxes

IMG_20161016_070124 (5).jpg

The oasis attracts all kinds of desert foxes

16 October 2016

This is our third day at Timna, and twice now I have seen desert foxes early in the morning by the oasis.  Both times they stopped to look at me, ears at full attention, before dashing off: curious, yet cautious.

Yesterday we made friends with an Israeli family.  Their fifteen year old son, Amit, speaks English very well, and he has sort of adopted us as exotic pets.  Amit makes the morning coffee for himself and his parents.  So he offered me and Nina coffee, too.  Being Colombian, coffee is a love language for Nina.  Amit makes that amazing Israeli coffee that is so fragrant and delicious.

Amit is so smart and friendly that I decided to ask him to show me how to use the little camp stove that we got.  Immediately he saw what the problem was: the store had sold me the wrong size gas bottle.  After a hurried conference with his dad, Amit came back to me with a proposal: give them our gas bottle, and they’ll buy us one of the right size while they’re in town.  Excellent plan!

When they returned with the right size gas bottle Amit showed me how to use it.  So today we had our first cooked meal.  I smiled as we enjoyed our meal.  “I think Amit is a two-legged desert fox.”  Nina laughed in agreement and we both silently blessed our new friend and his family.  God is good!

2 thoughts on “Desert Foxes

  1. Hi Alisa!!! Miss you Bubbles!

    I may have a friend coming to Italy in the summer 🙂 I told him I would connect with you to see about him coming to stay with you and visit Milan! He is having a radical journey of revival through different nations and Italy is one. You will love him! Will you be around for the summer?

    Love always,

    Julie 🙂

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