An Impromptu Meeting

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La Svolta – watch the trailer

I had a missionary coming in from the US: Joey.  I had been planning on meeting him at the airport, but today Joey sent me a message saying that he was fine to catch a train from the airport into Milan.  This was great news because I had been invited to join another missionary at the train station: Christian filmmaker, Deborah[1], for a brainstorming session with Paolo, her principal actor.

So I let Deborah know that I will be joining her after all.  She wanted me there because in her words: “You’re a creative person.”  But really, I have nothing like Deborah’s talent and creativity—especially the visual kind.  I’m really just a words person.  I think the real reason to have me there is because we’ve been friends for about fifteen years now, and she just really wanted to see me, however briefly.  And perhaps my presence would add something else: someone who speaks her native language who can explain things in Italian, if needed.

The meeting went very well.  Deborah explained her concept for this new film she’s about to shoot.  The challenge of this particular film is that she wants to make it in both English and in Italian.  This was a point of some concern for Paolo, who doesn’t speak English.  He wants his English to sound good, and who can blame him?  His main concern was to get the script in both languages with enough time to do the part justice.  I love Paolo’s devotion to his craft.  He sees acting as his mission and mission field.  He is singularly focused on acting for the Kingdom.


Me, Deborah, and the immensely talented Paolo

After our meeting it was time for me to meet Joey.  We had arranged to meet at McDonalds in the train station.  It’s easy to find and there is only one in the station.  Plus, ask directions to McDonalds, and even if the person doesn’t speak English, they all know where McDonalds is.  Seth and Missy[2] had asked me to host Joey.  They wanted to meet me and Joey, too.

So I waited outside of McDonalds.  Before long I saw Seth, who introduced me to Kevin, another missionary.  The world of YWAM is small, indeed because they have a presence in virtually every free country, and their missionaries are encouraged to “try on” a few different places in order to understand where it is that the Lord is calling them.  So paths intersect all over the world, and that is such fun.  Kevin was passing through Milan and heading back to his mission field in the far east.  I love that Milan is such a great travel hub.  We literally see people from all over the world passing through.  The person who was missing was Missy.  Seth explained that she’s home recovering from a cold.  Never one to stand around and just wait, Seth said that he would go wait upstairs (on the track level) for Joey’s arrival.

Minutes later, Seth returned with Joey.  He said that Kevin had gone to buy his bus ticket to the airport.  When Kevin returned, we bid him farewell (or in Texanese: happy trails).  Then Seth and I escorted Joey back to my apartment, catching up on each other’s lives and getting to know Joey.  I have so many wonderful friends all over the world, and today I met yet another.  I love my life!  God is good!

[1] See The Dream Team is Coming!

[2] You may remember them from Meeting Missionaries in San Francisco.

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