Spiritual Symbolism Everywhere We Look!

IMG_20161022_074637 (2).jpg

The replica of the Tabernacle of Moses at Timna Park in Israel

18 October 2016

Today Nina and I went to the Tabernacle.  A local Messianic congregation built a replica of the Tabernacle of Moses at Timna Park.  It brings more interest to the park, but the park didn’t want to have to guide tours through it.  Knowledgeable members of the congregation volunteer to lead tours through the Tabernacle.

Nina and I had been through the Tabernacle last year with Fabio and Sissy (her sister and brother-in-law) and Michael (her son)[1].  And that was amazing, but this year was even better.  For one thing, the guide was a whole lot better.  She could quote chapter and verse where the most intimate details of the Tabernacle point to Jesus as the Messiah.  And I mean every little detail (numbers, colors, materials used, forms, etc.) all has great significance and highlights Jesus as the Messiah.

At first I tried to translate for Nina, but the information came a whole lot faster than my ability to translate.  The guide gave me a card with their website: Berean to Berean, so that I could look all these things up on my own.

IMG_20161017_163925 (2).jpg

Nine ostrich eggs

After lunch we went to Hai-Bar Nature Reserve, thanks to the suggestion of our new friend, Igal.  Many of the animals indigenous to Israel (most of them mentioned in the Bible) have been preserved or even restored from near extinction.  This is a drive-thru safari kind of park.  One of the first things I saw was an ostrich nest.  I counted nine eggs and pointed it out to Nina.  Her immediate response was: “Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit!” and we named them together: “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control[2].”  I guess that after seeing all the symbolism in the Tabernacle, it had us thinking symbolically.

IMG_20161017_170232 (2).jpg

Who would guess that something with such pretty eyes could be so aggressive?

IMG_20161017_170228 (2).jpg

Now it’s trying to get through Nina’s window.  Go away!!!

I have never been in a drive-thru safari park before, so this was a new experience for both of us.  The car in front of us may have given an ostrich something to eat because it stayed by their car for a very long time.  Finally the driver blew his horn, which did absolutely nothing to deter the feathery aggressor.  Eventually it lost interest in their car and approached ours.  We couldn’t go around it because we would have had to leave the road to do so.  Nor could we back up or turn around.  So as the ostrich approached us in the middle of the single-lane road, we were sitting ducks.  When it got to us, the ostrich pecked at the hood and at the windshield, making Nina scream because it was very close to her.  Then it moved to Nina’s window, which she kept tightly closed.  It pecked angrily at the window.  Now that it was no longer in our way, I began to roll forward.  The ostrich kept pace with us as we gained speed.  But eventually its tiny birdbrain must have realized that it wasn’t getting a handout from us, so it gave up the pursuit.  It was the moment in my life that was most like the movie Jurassic Park.

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The ostrich was the only aggressive animal we encountered, and really only one of the many ostriches that we saw.  The rest of the animals paid no attention whatsoever to the metallic boxes rolling through their territory.

It was a very interesting day and lots of fun (aggressive ostrich notwithstanding).  I couldn’t wait to share with Igal how much we enjoyed his suggestion.  Who knows what tomorrow holds?  Only God!  God is good!

[1] See Rough Landing in the Holyland.

[2] Galatians 5:22-23.

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