After OCE in Lithuania – Part Three


IMG_0672 (2).JPG

The gravitational center of Europe, just north of Vilnius.

22 June 2017

After the OCE[1] trip had officially ended, Angela and I had gone to the castle in Trakai and to Kernavė to prayer walk.  These were extra prayer assignments that God had given to Angela, and she had invited me to go along.  Before leaving Vilnius Angela told me about another place that she felt needed prayer: the gravitational center of Europe.

Since I had time to go there, I did some research.  There are a lot of places that claim to be the center of Europe, but a team of French scientists had researched gravitationally where the true center of Europe could be.  It is about 26 kilometers north of Vilnius.  I saw a picture of the place, which is a simple column with a crown on top.  Then I started praying about it, asking God why I should go there, given the difficulty of reaching it by public transportation.

IMG_0673 (1).JPG

That crown!  It just made me so angry!

Instead of answering with words, as He often does, this time I just kept seeing in my mind’s eye the crown on top of that column.  Every time I thought about that crown I felt a holy anger rising up inside of me.  Finally I realized why I had to go there: because Jesus is the only One worthy to have the crown of Europe.  So I made arrangements with a taxi to take me there, and to bring me back to the bus station.

I told the driver where I wanted to go, making sure that he understood that I wasn’t talking about the Europos Centras Park, but the actual center of Europe, which is nearby on a golf course.  With a bit of difficulty we found the trail leading to the Center.  Since it was about to rain, he stayed by his taxi, which was fine with me.  I walked about a quarter of a mile up the trail to the monument.  I found the indicator for the exact center of Europe, and there I stood and proclaimed Jesus to be the only True King of Europe.

After praying and proclaiming, I had it in mind to sing a song.  The song I had in mind was Jesus at the Center of it All.  But the Holy Spirit had me sing a different song: Worthy is the Lamb.  I didn’t understand why until I got to the lyric: “Crown Him now with many crowns.”

IMG_0677 (1).JPG

The last thing I did was to ask God to station angels around the area so that if anyone thinks to come there to do witchcraft, they will not be able to find the place.

Then I walked back to the taxi and took a bus back to Riga to go visit my friends, Gregor and Katya there.  Little did I know, but God had some extra assignments for Riga, too.  But that’s a post for another day.  God is good!

[1] Operation Capitals of Europe.

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