A Long Anticipated Meeting

How vigilante team tortured, disgraced Nigerian prostitutes in Russia - Daily Post Nigeria - Google Chrome 02-Aug-17 171733

Prostitution is legal, but unregulated in Italy.

5 July 2017

Yesterday Deborah let me tag along on a trip to visit Pastor Gaetano.  She was meeting with one of his co-pastors to discuss filming a series of Bible-based puppet shows.

I had wanted to meet Pastor Gaetano for a couple of years now because Beth (another missionary friend) had told me about him.  Beth works with trafficked women.  When they ask for her help to escape the life of prostitution, she brings them to Pastor Gaetano.  His church has a safe house for them where they can learn life skills including job skills.  I was anxious to meet Pastor Gaetano because he is a man of great vision that is so rare in Italy.

Pastor Gaetano and his team of co-pastors took us for a real Sicilian granita (like an Italian ice, but way better).  As we all got to know each other, it was clear that Pastor Gaetano is not only a man of vision, but has surrounded himself with other men of vision.

Meeting him was anything but a disappointment.  I pray that this meeting will open up opportunities for Deborah, for Pastor Gaetano and his church, and for the trafficked women they serve.  God is good!

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