Overcoming Fear-nertia

IMG_20161022_074637 (3).jpg

Replica of the Tabernacle of Moses at Timna Park.

8 September 2016

Today I bought tickets for my trip to Israel, starting with a ten day stay in a tent at Timna Park for Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles).  My idea was this: the Israelites were commanded to live in a sukkah (tabernacle or tent) for Sukkot.  Timna Park has really nice tents that you can rent.  They are permanently parked pop-up trailers with electric hookups.  So you’re not on the ground.  Yes, it’s glamping.  It’s also possible to bring your own tent to Timna, which costs a whole lot less, but I don’t have a tent.

I had waited longer than I intended to because I had the audacious idea to stay in Israel for over six weeks.  That’s because I was invited[1] to a prayer tour of Israel.  The ten day prayer tour starts two weeks after the end of Sukkot.  And what is the sense of flying back to Italy just to fly back to Israel again?

Part of the motivation to buy tickets today is also because I signed up for a prayer conference in Cyprus.  Someone recently told me about it (I don’t remember who).  But the really cool thing is that the conference falls exactly within the period of time that I have nothing planned while I’m in Israel.  And since Cyprus is less than an hour’s flight away, that is timing too perfect to ignore.

The idea of staying six weeks in Israel had scared and thrilled me, but mostly scared me into paralysis.  So, today, with the perfectly timed conference in Cyprus, I overcame that paralysis—fear-nertia—and made the leap of faith: six weeks in Israel.  God is good!

[1] By the prayer team from Sheets in the Wind.  They had come to stay with me in 2015.  My house was the starting and ending point of their prayer tour around Italy.

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