Change is in the Air!

Seagull in flight

Will I glide gracefully or will I crash hard?

I have been praying for several months now that God would draw me ever closer, and that I would never be satisfied that I have enough of Him[1].  Today I believe I got the answer to that prayer—and it’s not what I wanted or expected at all.  The Lord told me to give notice on the apartment.  Immediately, I sought to understand what this meant.  I didn’t feel called to leave my mission field, but rather to go more boldly into it, traveling to places I had not been to before as God’s Secret Weapon on a new and broader assignment.

I have to admit that this word, coming the day after my 62nd birthday, didn’t exactly thrill me.  The last time I got this word, when I gave notice on my former apartment, I went on a Faith Trip that was the basis for my first book: Look, Listen, Love.  I was also homeless in Europe for over a year, sleeping on friends’ couches, traveling from place to place, and suffering discomforts far from family.  But I also learned firsthand of the love and faithfulness of God.  For example, one evening, after wandering in a cold rain all day, I checked into a run-down hotel to find that my room had a gigantic bathtub.  Soaking in a hot bath was exactly what I needed in that moment, and the Lord provided it in the most unlikely place.  And like that first Faith Trip, I feel that this new Faith Trip will broaden and deepen my writing.

Shortly after officially beginning my ministry (in 2010), friends prophesied over me that, like Corrie ten Boom, I would travel into my old age[2].  I wasn’t thrilled at the time, hoping that it wasn’t true.  But it seems that they were exactly right.  So, at an age when most people travel no farther than to cross the room to their rocking chair, here I go again, traveling as another Tramp for the Lord.  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.  But my pastor in Texas always says: “If your ministry doesn’t scare you, then it’s not from God.”  Well, that proves that this is from God because it’s terrifying.

Another confirmation is that Mom responded way better than I had imagined she would.  She has always been my strongest supporter, but I wondered what she would think of this.  Mom said that she supports me in everything I’m doing, and that I’ll always have a place to stay with her.  I thank God for such a sweet, supportive mom!

I also thank God for an amazing, supportive church.  Proof that God loves and cares deeply for me is that He plunked me down right next door to the most loving church I’ve ever been a part of.

Thank you to each of my readers for your prayers and your encouragement.  I fully intend to bring you all along for the ride as I step into this new season in my life.  Let’s see what God does in and around me.  God is good!

[1] See Hungry! and My Heart’s Cry.

[2] See Another Tramp for the Lord.

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