An Invitation to Adventure


Two candles for 62 years.

About a week ago I was having my usual morning prayer time.  During my prayers, I try to stay open to hearing from God, and not just bombarding Him with my requests.  Often what He says is instructions about what to pray or how to pray, sometimes where to pray.  This time He said something that surprised me.  He said: “Give notice on your apartment.”

What?  Really?  Now?  Hearing this the day after my 62nd birthday was not what I had wanted to hear[1].  Immediately I understood that I was not being called back to the US.  I was being called out into my mission field: Europe.  But to do what?  To go where?  I didn’t know.  With trembling hand I called my landlord.  I promised to be out by the end of March.

With the step of obedience taken, God gave clarity: He is calling me to go to many different places throughout Europe to operate as God’s Secret Weapon (GSW) on prayer assignments.  This will be another Faith Trip like the one I took in 2011.  But it will be different in many ways.

The first place He put on my heart is one where I don’t know anybody, and where I’ve never been before[2].  Having taken that Faith Trip, I know one thing: even if I don’t know anyone there, I know that God will protect me and guide me.  I don’t mind occasionally sleeping on a bus, train, or plane.  And on the Faith Trip I always had a bed, mattress, or couch to sleep on, with a roof over my head.  I don’t want to have to sleep under a bridge or on a park bench, out in the open[3].

For my birthday God invited me to share an adventure with Him, and I am inviting you to come along with me—at least vicariously.  That’s because one thing I understand about this GSW Assignment Trip is that, as the Faith Trip launched me into writing, this trip will bring new depth and insight to my writing.  Buckle your seatbelts and stay tuned.  We are launching in April 2018.  God is good!

[1] See Change is in the Air.

[2] Because this is a GSW assignment, I can’t reveal the place until after the assignment is completed.

[3] I would sleep out in the open if I believed that God wanted me to.  I don’t think He will require that, though.  I’m already leaving the comfort of a very nice apartment in obedience to Him

3 thoughts on “An Invitation to Adventure

  1. Familiar situation and feeling. Praying for you, Alisa. I have not forgotten your ‘pray time’ in our living room. Great example for us. Blessings to you! 🙂


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