Washing up Washington

Image result for washington dc pentagram

The pentagram in the street layout of Washington DC

Ever since the revelation this summer that I am God’s Secret Weapon, the Lord has been speaking to me about Washington DC.  The specific thing about Washington is the Masonic witchcraft literally built into the city.  If you look at a map of the city there is a pentagram[1].  The bottom point of the pentagram points to the White House[2].  I didn’t know how I would squeeze Washington into my schedule, since my time in the US is usually slammed with family, personal, and ministry obligations—both corporate and spiritual.  But I knew that if it was important, then God would open the time for me.  I knew that the most likely time would be on the way to or from Boston.

And what a day I had here in Washington DC!  When I got on the subway to go into town, there was a woman on the elevator down to the trains.  Her hoodie said something about being a worshiper.  I said, “Is that true?” pointing to her hoodie’s message.  She said it is.  So when we got to the train, I invited her to sit with me, and we had a marvelous time talking about our wonderful God.  She is the worship leader for her mom’s church.  I had asked my church in Asheville to pray for divine appointments, and Tonya was my first.

This was a wonderful way to start my day in Washington DC, and also my annual visit to Boston.  Usually I bypass Washington on my way to Boston, stopping only in New Jersey and Connecticut to visit prayer partners on the way.  But, but the Lord made it possible, even with Thanksgiving coming up.  He has also been waking me up early in the morning to pray for America, and praying for our country was also the reason to come back this summer to witness and pray during the eclipse.  God’s eyes are on America, and He has been withholding judgment because of the prayers of righteous people on behalf of our country.  But judgment will fall sooner or later.

I started the day’s prayers by praying for invisibility from the eyes of the defeated enemy and his minions.  I entered the city by the subway, praying into its foundations.  The prayer for invisibility was important because my very presence threatened the defeated enemy’s carefully-constructed spiritual atmosphere right there at its foundation.  When I exited the subway I walked up the center of the pentagram from the point to the crotch of it at the north end, praying in the Spirit.  From there I went to each of the streets that form the points and broke those ley lines[3].

pentagram missing portion

The missing portion of the pentagram is at the Golden Triangle.

When I finished all that I found myself at a business district called the Golden Triangle.  The interesting thing about the Golden Triangle is that it occupies the whole area of the missing part of the pentagram in the street plan.  Some people have rejected the idea of a Masonic witchcraft conspiracy over the nation’s capital city because of the missing portion of the pentagram.  So it seemed important to see what was there.

As I began to walk across the middle of the Golden Triangle, and the Lord showed me that it’s more than just business.  One of the first buildings I saw, right at the beginning of the missing portion of the pentagram is the Equality Center of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.  Sounds like an important place, right?  Who wouldn’t be for human rights?  Well, this is a high-powered lobby group and propaganda machine for LGBTQ.  Of course I’m not against gay people, but this is all about shoving the gay agenda down our throats.  The Holy Spirit told me to go inside, so I did.  The receptionist chirped, “Can I help you?” so I asked if they had any brochures.  She said that all of their materials are online.  But her colleague said that they have brochures in the waiting room.  So I went and took some brochures and left.

Human Rights Campaign

Google Maps street view didn’t allow a closer look at their building.  Is this deliberate?

Going inside there was a Secret Weapon thing.  Sometimes the Lord has me go inside places just to take His presence inside.  Sometimes the Lord doesn’t allow me to go inside a place (probably because the strongman is too entrenched for me to go in alone).  The information I learned was just how much of a propaganda machine they are: training people to be advocates and leaders for the gay community, getting them into religion and public policy-making, internship programs, and offering their facilities for teaching, training, and meeting with the nation’s leaders.  In other words, they are a group of lobbyists, and obviously they’ve had some success.

But after leaving the HRC, the next place I saw was the CBN News offices.  I went inside there, too.  I couldn’t go anywhere besides the lobby, but it was a moment of real refreshment.

When I finished the Golden Triangle I walked to the White House.  Predictably, there was a protest going on in across the street.  This was mostly a group of feminists shrilly screaming for equality.  Really?  So I prayed for them to lose interest in protesting, and when I passed later, their numbers had dwindled to just a few.

By then I had done a lot of walking and I was tired, and not even halfway done with everywhere that the Lord had put on my heart.  Then I saw a bicycle rickshaw driver who was offering a tour.  It was a little pricey, but I got a personalized tour, so that I saw the places I needed to pray at, and skipped the places where I knew I didn’t need to go to.  The most valuable thing he showed me was the highest spot in DC: the Old Post Office Clock Tower—it’s the only thing in the city that is taller than the Washington Monument.  So I went asked him to organize the tour to end there.  And I went up to pray blessings over the nation’s capital.

Then I took the subway back to my hotel—and I was so exhausted that I fell asleep and a woman had to wake me when we arrived at the end of the line.  Happily, my hotel was near the end of the line.

Prayer work is exhausting, but God strengthened me for the task.  Praise the Lord!  This trip to Boston is starting off great!  God is good!

[1] An upside-down five-pointed star that witches use for casting spells and curses.  And I have it from several sources that there are witches that gather together on each waning crescent moon to curse Trump (see for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtQGFQ5G0Ao).

[2] Whether the founding fathers intended it as a witchcraft thing or not is debatable, but there are witches out there now taking advantage of its placement in the capital.

[3] The earth is covered with a grid of ley lines—satanic power lines.  There is one that goes from a Mayan temple in Mexico through Washington, Boston, Stonehenge, and Damascus, for example.

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