Confronting Babylon

IMG_1265 (1).JPG

Tim’s photo of the UN HQ taken as I prayed at the traffic light.

After completing my Secret Weapon Assignment in Boston, I had one more to do on the way home.  I was instructed to go to Babylon of the New World: New York City.  When the Lord revealed this, what first came to my mind was Ground Zero.  But He revealed two other places.  The first was the United Nations, and the second was City Hall Park where the arch of baal[1] had been erected in September of 2016.

I had picked Tim up from a friend’s house in upstate New York, and he began helping me to navigate around the city.  My plan had been to check into our hotel in Newark, New Jersey and then take a train into New York City.  Specifically, what we were looking for was the Palisades Parkway.  Whenever I travel New York into upstate New Jersey, I prefer to take the Palisades because no trucks are allowed.  It’s also the prettiest route by far.  The problem is that the Palisades Parkway can be tricky to find even with GPS navigation.  This time I missed the turn even with Tim and the GPS helping me.

The rabbis say that coincidence is not a Kosher word, and in this case it was certainly true.  As our exit slipped by, the GPS recalculated for the George Washington Bridge, which would take me into Manhattan[2].  My plan would have avoided driving and parking in the city altogether.  But Tim pointed out that it was a Sunday morning and therefore the traffic was not likely to be so bad.  “Why don’t we just drive to where you want to go?”

At first I was resistant to the idea, but I have driven in Manhattan before and survived it just fine.  If I can drive in Milan with its crazy layout and aggressive drivers, I can certainly handle Manhattan on a Sunday morning.  By the time I decided, the exit for the bridge had also passed.  But that was fine.  The bridge would have taken me into upper Manhattan, but all my assignments were mid- to lower-Manhattan.

IMG_1264 (1).JPG

Entering the Lincoln Tunnel.

I asked Tim to put the United Nations as our new destination, and the GPS took us to the Lincoln Tunnel.  The United Nations was pretty much a straight shot across the island from the tunnel.  I had already heard from the Lord that I didn’t need to go inside, just pray outside.  Traffic and a red light put me in front of the building for long enough to pray a quick prayer against the new world order[3] that they are working to establish.

Fullscreen capture 20-Dec-17 065607

Arch of baal on opening day.

The next destination was City Hall Park, which we easily found.  I even found a place to park.  I left Tim in the car because I wasn’t certain that it was a legitimate parking place.  So he stayed there while I walked the entire park.  I found the place where the arch had been erected, but it was no longer there.  I prayed that, just as the arch had been removed from the city, so would its spiritual residue also be removed, never to return.

Next we headed toward Ground Zero.  The last time I was in New York City was the summer of 2001, so the Twin Towers were still there.  Tim had been to Ground Zero, so he knew what the memorial looked like.  We didn’t find a place to park nor even a place to pause as at the UN.  In my spirit I felt that this was not a problem.  So I began to pray in tongues as I drove and Tim navigated us to Newark.

All told, we had spent less than an hour in the city, but I felt that for the day, this was all that the Lord had called me to do.  And doing it mostly in the car felt somehow right for this day[4].  About a week later someone told me: “You have no idea what this prayer work is accomplishing in the spirit realm—and you might never know until you get to Heaven.  But this is important work.”  I was very glad to hear this, since it often feels like I haven’t really done anything.  As I transition into doing more and more of this kind of work in Europe, it’s good to know that I truly am accomplishing something for the Kingdom of God on earth.  God is good!

[1] The Bible says that even the names of false gods should not be on our lips (Exodus 23:13, Psalm 16:4, and specifically baal: Hosea 2:17).  Therefore, although I had to write it for informational purposes, I refuse to capitalize it and give that name any kind of importance.

[2] I don’t know why because we had already crossed the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie.

[3] One-world government and one-world religion.

[4] I believe that the Lord had Tim remain in the car the whole time because that provided him full protection from the eyes of the defeated enemy.  Since Tim is not called to this prayer work as I am, he doesn’t enjoy the same level of protection and invisibility as I do.  So it was important that he be protected and invisible while I completed my prayer assignment.

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