Moving Out – Do the Right Thing!

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Jesus has a beautiful smile.  I want to make Him smile all the time.

I haven’t had much time to write because I’m moving out of my apartment (see An Invitation to Adventure).  But the main thing that I asked God for during this time of packing up house and giving away most of the things therein was for His perfect timing in all of this.  I need to find new homes for things that will bless the other missionaries here in Europe—and do so in an orderly and timely way.  I also need to get everything out in time to do the painting and small repair jobs needed here.

And God has proven His faithfulness yet again by doing exactly that.  Things are falling into place without a whole lot of planning and stressing on my part.  In fact, this has been the least stressful, most enjoyable move I’ve ever made.  I’m sleeping well at night and getting a lot done during the day—and all in God’s perfect timing, just as I had prayed: coming together with such divine precision that I can only exclaim Thank You Jesus!

Yesterday Nina’s son, Michael, called and offered to paint the apartment for me.  I had some people (Christians!) advise me that it’s not really necessary for me to paint because after five years here, the landlord expects to have to paint.

Christians have also advised me that it wasn’t necessary to pay the last quarter’s rent, either, because that’s what the security deposit is for.  But I know that it’s not true in Italy any more than it is in the US.  If the landlady withholds my security deposit, that’s between her and God, but I know that if I do the right thing, one way or another God Himself will compensate me.  To do anything else would reveal a lack of faith in God’s ability to take proper care of me.

Moving is a very expensive business, and so is the travel that will follow.  But I’ve trusted God all along to pay the rent for an apartment that I never could afford in the first place.  I’ve said all along that I never asked my human dad how he was going to pay the rent and all the other bills.  So why would I ask my Heavenly Father?  The how is His problem.  I have trusted Him all along, and I’m trusting Him for these other things that are also too much for me.  Ultimately, my only real security comes from God, and He has never let me down.

This morning I got a beautiful prophecy:

The Father says today, I am the same yesterday, today and forever.  I am no respecter of persons, but I am a respecter of faith.  When you do with your faith what others have done with their faith you will see the same results.  My mind is made up about your healing.  My mind is made up about your increase.  My mind is made up about your breakthrough.  Because I am a covenantal God, I do not decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not I will stand by My promises.  Every one of My promises is yes and amen.  That is not always what you have been taught.  Be a Father-pleaser and accept the testimony of My word and not the fallacious, sense knowledge thinking of religious mentalities who constantly try to reconcile My word to their limited experience.  Reject all such erroneous opinions.  Whatever you choose to rationalize will become the stronghold that defines your life.  I am a good God.  I am faithful to My Word.  Press in to My faithfulness.  Lay hold onto My faithfulness, for you will surely not be disappointed.

This is water-walking time for you.  Others may stand aside and wait for a fair wind, but it is the sluggard who says, “There is a lion in the streets and I cannot go out. . . .”  Those whose lives are defined by timidity and caution are nothing more than careful failures.  That is not your portion and that is not what I have called you to.  Those who know Me will be strong and do exploits.  That is who you are.  You are strong.  Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.  If you are going to do exploits you must be willing to be exploitative.  Others may cower and nurse their victim mentality, but I am calling you to shake yourself loose from the do-nothing opinions of the do-nothing people who have decided there is nothing to do.  Is there not a cause?  Am I not with you?  This is your hour and your time and in nothing shall you be ashamed, says God.

God is faithful and true!  He has never let me down, and He will never let you down!  God is good!

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