Ready to Begin the Adventure!

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In two days the apartment goes to the new tenant.  I have enjoyed this apartment very much.  If the Lord allows me to get another place, I would love for it to be in this neighborhood again.  I’ve never lived anywhere in all my life as long as I’ve lived in Milan—in this neighborhood.  So nothing on earth feels quite as much like home as this does.

I have moved on average every five years my whole life, and the majority of those moves were long distance—including three transatlantic moves.  For the last seven years I have had dual residency.  My permit to live in Italy was not given immediately, so I began to wonder if that might mean that my time in Italy is done.  But I will get it in August—more than a year after applying for it.

I have to admit that moving is one of those things that I really hate doing.  But having this move almost over now is very freeing.  It is especially freeing to have a whole lot fewer possessions.  Everything I own in Europe is in three suitcases—and it still feels like it might be too much.

Tomorrow morning I go to stay with friends in Biella and then it’s on to a couple of prayer conferences in Switzerland and Finland.  And just in case you’re wondering, there are some Secret Weapon[1] assignments on the horizon.  Let the adventure begin!  God is good!

[1] See God’s Secret Weapon.

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