Vision and Extradimensional Prayer

This morning as I prayed (specifically during my prayers for Europe and for her missionaries and pastors), I had a vision:

I was kneeling at the side of my bed, and behind me I saw in my spirit a very bright ball of light about a yard in diameter, and at a distance of about 20 yards.  The light suddenly sped toward me and then suddenly I was riding it (in the same kneeling posture) like on a motorcycle, only it was much faster.  And it went zipping here and there.

It was thrilling!  But what did it mean?  As I continued praying, I remembered the advice I had recently heard: that we are to pray more and more in tongues in these last days.  Why?  Because that’s the only way to guarantee that we are praying the will of God: when the Holy Spirit is doing the praying for us.  The world is becoming so infected with the enemy’s deception that there are times when he’s able to deceive us, too.  So praying in tongues becomes more important for us now than ever before.

Now, for me the only problem is that my prayer language is very limited.  It started as a single three word phrase that was expanded to five brief phrases, repeated again and again.  Of course, all this is a matter of faith, and I shouldn’t try to analyze it with my human understanding.  But analyze is exactly what my mind did and continued to do.  For me there was the problem of Matthew 6:7-8:

When you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.  Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

Instead of the word babbling, the King James Version says “vain repetitions.”  So this was a problem for me because a few words or even phrases repeated and repeated, especially in a language I don’t know, felt like babbling and vain repetition.  So today I just asked the Lord why and what value do these few phrases have when repeated and repeated.

His answer stunned me: He said that as Heaven is extradimensional (that is, existing outside of and beyond our three dimensions plus time), so the language of Heaven is extradimensional.  Thus, the cherubim eternally repeating, “Holy! Holy! Holy!” is not the repetition it seems to be to our ears.  Instead what we are hearing as repetition is actually an extradimensional echo of Heavenly language.

Immediately I remembered a recent vision that I had of the Temple in Heaven.  (I did not physically go to Heaven, but instead, Heaven’s veil was opened for me to take a peek at the Temple.)  What I saw almost defies description, but I’m going to attempt to explain it as best I can from my limited three-dimensional perspective.  For those who do not have an understanding of extradimensionality, follow this link to see visual representations of what one step up in dimensions would look like: (especially instructive is the diagram halfway down the page that shows a cube from different angles in three dimensions and a four-dimensional cube (or hypercube) from the same angle).

What I saw was the Temple as represented in drawings in the back of many Bibles: the Outer Court, the Inner Court, and the Holy Place.  But instead of being set on the ground, where you enter by walking in, it was sort of like concentric cubes (cubes within cubes), the Outer Court cube, the Inner Court cube (completely inside the Outer Court cube), and the Holy Place cube (completely inside the Inner Court cube).  And I went through the court cubes from above at an angle.  It felt strange and familiar at the same time, sort of like how dreams feel.

So today’s lesson is to pray in tongues.  It’s more important now than ever before.  And don’t be bothered if it seems repetitive, that is just Heaven’s echo effect.  God is good!

Pocket Dialed Bible Verse

Get Back on that Horse!

pocket dialed

God is calling!

On New Year’s Day I wrote a post titled Unposting in which I made a public apology for having inadvertently hurt someone I love.  The offense was in something I had written in my blog, which is also published on my Facebook page.  At that time I took a voluntary hiatus from both blogging and facebooking.

Soon after that, we met to talk, and I apologized in person.  We cried together, and the relationship was restored—perhaps better than ever before.  Slowly I began posting again, but to be honest, it has been really hard to get back in the swing of writing again.  Part of the reason is that I know I need to write about this painful episode.  In my writing I take Hemingway’s advice to write hard and fast about the things that hurt (and everything else, for that matter), so I’ve been somewhat blocked because of avoidance.  Plus, there’s a sort of rhythm you develop when you write daily that, once interrupted (and especially for this long) is really hard to get back.

Then yesterday I checked my phone upon returning home.  You know how sometimes the phone in your pocket inadvertently dials one of your contacts.  Well, instead of pocket dialing a person, my phone had opened my Bible app while in my pocket.  I figured that maybe God was calling me, so I looked at the passage it was opened to: Deuteronomy 27, in which Moses built an altar on Mount Ebal and was about to pronounce the curses that would come if the Israelites did not follow God’s command when they crossed over the Jordan River into the Promised Land.  The verse that stuck out for me was verse two:

When you have crossed the Jordan into the land the Lord your God is giving you, set up some large stones and coat them with plaster.

They were to set up large stones in plaster as a memorial of God’s Law.  Immediately I understood that what God was telling me is that I need to get back into writing because with my writing I am setting up a memorial, not of God’s Law, but of God’s Love in our New Covenant with Him.

I had hurt and been hurt through my writing, but writing is also a holy task for me.  So I need to get back on the horse that had bucked me off (pardon my Texan analogy, but I can’t deny my roots!), and write again.  God is good!

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