God is Good!

I know I usually end my posts with that remark: God is good!  He is!  God is infinitely good!  Today in contemplating the attributes of God, and particularly His goodness, I got a vision.  I’m not sure that I can adequately describe what I saw.  It was like multi-dimensional puzzle making up a true picture of God.  One piece was Goodness and this goodness was infinite and infused all the other pieces.

Another piece was Justice and God’s justice was infinite and infused all His other attributes.  God is patient, and God’s patience is infinite and infused all His other attributes, and is infinitely infused with His goodness and His justice.

And so forth.  God’s goodness is a goodness so complete and huge and so completely infuses all His other attributes that it can never be separated from anything He says or does.  God is infinitely and perfectly good!  This is my thought for today from the Prayer Center in Malta.  God is good!