Day of Rage – Part Two


Using and fueling the anger (some of it righteous and justified) of the American black community, social hacktivists have organized Black Lives Matter rallies all across America today.  Although if you follow that link to their events page, you’ll see that they have nothing on the calendar at all.  That leads me to conclude that there is probably someone behind the scenes, using BLM as a front for their own agenda.  And what would their agenda be?

  • Anarchy – If they can get full-blown anarchy going, people will welcome the next few points in their agenda:
  • Gun Control – These shadow powers want to disarm law-abiding citizens, making it much easier to control the American people[1].
  • Terror – Not terrorism, nor a war on terrorism (what is that, anyway?), but terror, as in fear. It works this way: get the people sufficiently fearful, and they will do anything to make it stop.  Look how well it has worked so far.  We have passively surrendered our constitutional rights to the terror-mongers in our government who can now spy on us through our phones, our GPS devices, our computers, our televisions, and from practically every street corner across the country and internationally.  In fact, if they deem you as a threat to national security, they can confiscate your property (house, car, bank account) and put you in prison in an unknown location—and all without having to produce any evidence.  Did you know that the government now has total control over the food supply?
  • Martial Law – With military control, they can go ahead and strip the American people of all their remaining constitutional rights. I believe that this is what was behind all the Jade Helm exercises last year[2].
  • Population Reduction – This is not a stated goal of this administration, but the 33,000 plastic coffins that FEMA has stashed away in Georgia (and how many in other locations around the country?) does not speak of our government looking out for our survival, but rather our disposal.
  • Secret Bunkers – There is a whole system of secret underground bunkers across the United States. Obviously, the reason they’re there and the reason they’re secret is because the elite want to survive the event that will fill up those FEMA coffins.
  • Global Currency and Global Government – The ultimate goal is global government of the elite over a slave class (that’s you, if you survive). This has been a goal of the Illuminati[3] for hundreds of years.  This is what they mean by a New World Order.

So what to do?  I’m so glad you asked!  I have an action plan:

  1. Pray – Nothing else you or I can say or do will be as effective as prayer. Bring God into the situation.  Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you.  If you don’t know what to pray, pray in the Spirit (tongues).  Or ask God how you should pray for this situation.  He led me to pray in some pretty interesting ways about this event.
  2. Mobilize Others to Pray – Multiply your prayers either by praying together with others or by encouraging others to pray (like I’m doing).
  3. Stay Home – If at all possible, stay away from the rallying places where protests have been planned (See Day of Rage for a list of places, but be aware that more may have been added since it was posted).
  4. Stay Calm – If you cannot avoid being in one of the rallying places, maintain your calm no matter what you hear or see. Remember that you have the power to choose your responses in all situations.  If you decide ahead of time to stay calm and have a loving attitude, even in the face of hatred, it will be much easier to do exactly that.
  5. Stay Alert – Unpleasant as all this stuff is, retreating into your own personal cloister seems very appealing. But don’t do it.  Especially when you’re out in public, don’t hide out in your phone and don’t zone out with music in your ears.  Stay present, stay in the moment, and stay alert.  Most of all, stay present with God.
  6. Watch your Words – Your words can be like water to put out the fire of anger (or fear), or they can be like gasoline. Choose your words carefully and wisely—both now and in the aftermath.

Be blessed, America!  You’re in my prayers and on my mind today more than ever before.  God is good!

[1] Please understand: I am not a gun nut.  I don’t even own a gun.  But the Second Amendment gave us the right to bear arms specifically for the purpose of allowing us legally to raise a militia against a hostile governing power.  Whether or not you agree that this administration is a hostile governing power, it is certainly doing all it can to disarm us.  Ask yourself why.

[2] Yes, I’m aware that this is among the biggest conspiracy theories out there.  But ask yourself: are you paranoid if people really are following you?

[3] And/or Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Committee of 300, Club of Rome, and possibly others.

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